The DN Classic is the newest presentation in the world of broadcast news. The DN Classic launched on 6 December 2022. The purpose of The DNG Classic is to be connected to every news. The ‘’The DN Classic’’ will have an excellent effort to connect with  all Indians living not only in cities Blocky rural areas and India. I will try to connect with all Indian citizens whether in home or abroad. The DN Classic will try its best to leave an impression of loyalty and trust in the hearts of the audience. Join The DN Classic to get all the information about health, literature, poetry and story, sports, historical information and entertainment world with fair and trustworthy news. India First believes in empowering the audience with the tagline. Pretty sure over decades the ‘’The DN Classic’’ will succeed in establishing its identity. The DN Classic is Successful in solving problems along with having creative power. The DN Classic is fast moving towards becoming Sirmaur in the modern and digital world areas. In the modern age, any subject is attractively presented through website.

The reason behind becoming a The DN Classic is an excellent anecdote behind being a The DN Classic in the name of childhood friendship. This company is founded on whose faith and I hope that our friendly brotherhood from childhood to youth maintain the strength of the ‘’The DN Classic’’ by becoming a golden memory for life.

I pray to God to helps us reach our destination in this new journey.

Chairman Managing Director (CMD) And

Desh Raj (Artist)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Editor In Chief

Er. Nitish Mauryavanshi (Engineer in Civil Department)